Transitions: Inhabiting Innovative Learning Environments

Transitions: Inhabiting Innovative Learning Environments – Graduate research symposia.

While the provision of innovative learning environments in many countries around the world is an exciting and overdue development, they are also presenting new challenges for teachers.

  • How well are teachers making the transition from traditional to innovative spaces?
  • Are these innovative spaces facilitating any improvment in teaching practices?
  • What evidence exists that these spaces are improving student experiences and learning?
  • What is needed to help teachers better utilise space as one of their pedagogic tools?

A series of graduate research symposia will showcase emerging research on this topic, in Europe and North America and Australia:

Transitions Australasia, Melbourne on Friday 2nd June 2017

Transitions Europe, London on Thursday 7th September 2017

Transitions North America, Grand Rapids, Thursday 14th September 2017

The events are being organised by the  Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change project – which is investigating how teachers in Australia and New Zealand can utilise space most effectively as a pedagogic tool. The project is part of the Learning Environments Applied Research Network (LeaRN), at the University of Melbourne. An interdisciplinary, collaborative research group of academics and graduate researchers from education, architecture and medicine working with architects, government and schools to inform school design, teacher practices and utilisation of learning spaces.

The call for abstracts in Europe and North America is now open: Graduate and early career researchers are invited to submit an abstract for these events by 19th April 2017.

Registration for the symposia in London and Grand Rapids will open in late March.

Further information regarding submission dates is available here  or Joann Cattlin at



  1. I have a new learning center at my school that we opened last October. If someone is interested in possibly using it in a story, I can send pictures. Please contact me if you would like to see our “21st Century learning space.”



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