UPDATE: Booking live for March 20 seminar “Educational Aims and Values through Architecture”, Cambridge University

Educational Aims and Values through Architecture: revisiting radical pasts to make space for broader visions of education

Booking for the first of 3 free seminars reconsidering the aims of (and values expressed through) educational architecture is now open. Click here to book (Eventbrite page). Date: 20/03/18 When: 13.00-17.30 Where: Faculty of Education, Cambridge.

The seminars will start by exploring some of the radical ideas presented in a 1969 special issue of the Harvard Educational Review by Aldo van Eyck, Herman Hertzberger, Giancarlo De Carlo and others and use these to shine a light on the present and ask whether educational architecture can ever “liberate the human spirit” as they wrote? Has it done previously? How?

Click here for more about the ideas behind this and the following two seminars on May 11th and June 19th 2018 (for which booking will open approximately a month beforehand).

In addition to keynote speakers, half of the seminar time will be for participant discussion, questions, and critical exploration of how we might broaden our understanding of educational architecture today.

The keynote speakers at this seminar are:

Dominic Cullinan (Director, SCABAL Architects)

Helen Taylor (Director, Scott Brownrigg Architects)

Crawford Wright (Head of Design, Department for Education)

Michele Zini (Partner, ZPZ Partners)

Architecture and Education Seminars Cambridge Cathy Burke and Adam Wood (v 19 Feb)



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