Booking now live for final seminar “Educational Aims and Values through Architecture”, Cambridge University 19 June

Booking (free) is now open for the last seminar on Tuesday, June 19th 1-5.30pm exploring the values with which we think about and design schools. The seminar will take place in the Faculty of Education, Cambridge University and we’re managing this via Eventbrite – please click here to book.

The background to the seminars explains why focusing on values in design is so important. Our three expert guest speakers will add to this with their own expertise and by drawing on the 1969 Harvard Educational Review papers from which this seminar series draws inspiration.

The three speakers are:

Steve Higgins (Professor of Education, University of DurhamSchools, architecture and pedagogy: listening to evidence and values. Steve’s broad educational research experience has seen him investigate the possibilities and limitations of educational research, students’ learning, the role and effectiveness of technology in the classrooms, educational spaces, and the work of John Dewey.

Ola Uduku (Professor of Architecture, Manchester School of ArchitectureWhy School Spaces Matter: To Children, Curriculum and Community… Ola is an architect and researcher of architecture. She is particularly interested in the history of educational architecture in Africa and the human and social consequences of contemporary urban infrastructure. Her work draws important attention to the values that are expressed (as well as suppressed) in architectural design. This interview I did with Ola in late 2015 covers some of her important work on school design in Africa.

Bob Wallbridge (Design and Implementation, Hampshire County CouncilA Hampshire Perspective Since the 1980s, England has seen a dramatic reduction in the number of publicly employed architects – Hampshire County Council is remarkable by continuing to invest in architectural expertise, particularly when it comes to inspiring school designs and long-term visions of value. As Head of Design, Bob will provide an insight into public architecture for the public good.

We look forward to seeing you!

Dr Cathy Burke and Dr Adam Wood



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