Upcoming Conferences on School Architecture and School Space(s)

Please let us know about future events and conferences on school architecture and school spaces via the Comments form (at the bottom of this page.) If they match the aims of this site, we’ll gladly add them to the list wherever they are.`


ISCHE (Conference Theme: Spaces and Places of Education)
16-20 July, 2019. Oporto, Portugal
ISCHE (the International Standing Conference for the History of Education) conference theme for 2019 is Spaces and Places of Education (link to Call)
There are 7 Themes:

  1. Nations, Empires and the geopolitics of knowledge and education
  2. Circulations and connections: local, (trans)national and global cartographies
  3. Contrasting spaces: urban/rural; center/periphery; metropole/empire
  4. Material, textual, imagined and virtual spaces of education
  5. Educational places: memories, sensory and emotional experiences, interpretations
  6. Spaces of critique: alternative educations and pedagogies
  7. The politics of place: authority, citizenship, democracy, gender and empowerment

ISEP (International Society for Educational Planning)
15-18 October, 2019. Lisbon, Portugal
Click on the link above for information on the focused sessions and registration details.


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