architectureandeducation.org explores how school design is lived.

School design arranges people in space and time as well as how, where and when they relate to each other. Of course, students and staff may choose not to follow these arrangements and we are keen to hear about the spaces and places that people create and make meaningful. Architecture and education are inevitably social and political practices Рrather than shrink from that, we hope this site will provide ways to understand the complexities of lived school design.

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Adam Wood is an educator and social scientist. Previous work includes a 2-year postdoctoral project funded by the Leverhulme Trust on school-building policies in Italy and Australia, a Ph.D. (2017) exploring teachers’ use of space and innovative architecture, and teaching English in a London secondary school. Twitter: @woodadam

Emma Dyer is interested in where things happen in school buildings and why that matters to the people who inhabit them. Her Ph.D (2018) research investigated the spaces where beginner readers learn to read. She currently works across three local authorities to the west of London, advising on care-experienced children’s education and has recently produced (with Dr. Sara Freitag, Senior Educational Psychologist) a report about the design of therapeutic spaces in schools (link to download here) Twitter:@Emmamolim


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