Giancarlo De Carlo: How to Keep Educational Architecture Human or Creative Anti-Institutionalism

A talk I gave at the Bartlett’s Spatial Engagement Network meeting about Anarchism, Education and Space on the architect Giancarlo De Carlo.


Disappearing School Libraries – Why?

School libraries seem to be disappearing – I suggest this is related to their being “illegible” in terms of how space in schools is valued.

Learning in inappropriate spaces?

When “assessing the impact of education”, argue Edgerton, McKechnie and McEwen (2011, p.34), “researchers have tended to focus on what…

Interview with Judith Baines

Judith Baines was born in 1933 and is a former primary school teacher and Deputy Head.  She pioneered progressive teaching…

Child vs Book

A short film about reading, place and memory in an East London Primary school.