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On Forgetting: Some Similarities between Architecture and Social Media

Architecture and social media share a way of being understood as neutral things – their social production being obscured.

Vitruvian triad Utilitas Socialitas Firmitas Venustas - Architecture as a social science too...

Architecture as a Social Science?

Some ideas for seeing architecture as – amongst other things – a social science. Also a bit on why the social sciences seem to ignore architecture.

AR’s School Awards: will the interiors count? That’s where students spend their 13,585 school hours…

As the Architectural Review’s School Awards close, let’s hope the judges give due emphasis to the design of the interiors since this is where students and teachers spend most of their time. And Architecture as I’ve argued before already pays too much attention to exteriors. But insides count! Let’s say students are inside for 5.5 […]

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“Zigzag, white, no life”: a Martian’s View of Architecture

How architecture is represented through Google Images is quite shocking: no people; big white ribbed structures; lots of zigs and zags. This post explains why.