Are you in the right home, near the right school? Are you sure?

Image of Rightmove's advert for its new School Checker

A video popped up on Facebook:

Image of Rightmove's advert for its new School Checker
Screenshot 29/6/15 from Facebook of a “Suggested Video” advertising Rightmove’s new School Checker – helping people to find out (worry about?) whether homes and schools are the “right” ones.

Almost 2 years into a PhD studying a school and I’m less and less sure about where school starts and where it stops. School works its way into housing markets and into worries about whether we are indeed living in the right home, in the right place, whether that school is the right school. That’s a more complex question than whether a school is good or bad, it’s whether it’s right or not and there’s more to worry about there. I liked Thomas Lemke’s paper, “Foucault, Governmentality and Critique” for whom…

government refers to a continuum, which extends from political government right through to forms of self-regulation, namely “technologies of the self”. (2000:12)

and thought that school does the same or is made to do the same in order to generate profit. It’s not enough that we work to produce, we need to worry to produce or, better, worrying is now work.

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